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About Us

We've Got Your Tail Covered

Our goal is simple: happy, healthy pets, in safe, comfortable environments. We believe pets are happier at home with a routine they can depend on, and we’re here to help you make that happen, whether it be with weekly scheduled walks and playtime, complete overnight vacation care, or a quick stop to make sure they get their medicine on time. If you’re like us, your pet is family, and your family deserves the best. That’s where we come in. And hey, if lots sloppy kisses come with it, we’re not complaining.

About the Owner

Animals were my first love. I spent my childhood in Reno, Nevada reciting nature documentaries, writing diary entries about my cat (mildly embarrassing), and showing up with stray dogs begging to let them join the family. Today, I study at the University of Nevada, Reno while operating Wag! Of course, I play mom to pets of my own, too. Our household consists of one boisterous pit bull mix, Kingsley, and a goofy cat, Conor. I started pet sitting professionally in 2005 through a family friend’s company in Reno, NV, and decided to go it alone and start Wag shortly after I moved to Corvallis, Oregon in 2012. When I moved back to Reno, I brought the business with me!